About Us


PT HARINDOTAMA MANDIRI is a leading manufacturer of knitted fabrics and garments in Indonesia. In fact, since its establishment in 1988 amidst a national drive for stronger Indonesian non-oil and gas exports, the Company has effectively developed itself into an export organization for the diversified textile and garments concerns of the Budi Muaratex Group of Companies

The growth of the international market and increased demands for quality in large volumes has prompted our segmentation into the United States, Western Europe and the Japanese markets.

We have gained a valueable knowledge of these markets and established a reputation as a top quality knitted garments supplier today bearing famous international brands.

Our loyal customer base have come to expect the focus. fast delivery, flexibility and friendliness which characterize each of our encounters: from the construction and presentation of samples, to most competitive pricing policies; from the critical follow-up which guarantees strict specification adherence, to final delivery. These have been the hallmarks of Harindotama Mandiri's high value-addes quality products and the keys to the fast growth we have enjoyed all these years.

Pillar of Strength

Behind the best value for our international customers is a fully integrated production capability which has seen the constant introduction of leading technology. For example. two lines employing Hanging Production Systems installed in 1997 have accounted for increased productivity and even more globally competitive costs. Combined with effective communications, management information systems and professional management practices, our integrated set-up results in shorter lead times for our customers.

Guided by Indonesian Manpower Ministry regulations. Harindotama Mandiri protects the economic welfare and occupational safety of its 220 workers. Recognizing human resources vital role in the Company's success, the constant upgrading of technical and management skills throughout the organization is a priority.

 We source fabrics domestically and overseas to meet increasing expectations in terms of variety and product ranges spanning all seasons. Nevertheless, Harindotama Mandiri realizes a pillar of strength in PT Budi Muaratex.

The parent company produces mostly Cotton Fabrics with yarn counts of between 16/1 to 60/1. These include single and double interlocking Knits, Pique, Lacoste, Double Face, and French Terry fabrics. It leads in variety and especially in the manudacture of Yarn-Dyed, Computerized Jacquard and Engineering Stripes.

Budi Muaratex accommodates any production requirements from overseas clients given advanced production capabilities and innovative, competent and experienced staff with a three decades old history behind them.

PT Budi Texindo is the newest member if the Budi Muaratex Group of Companies. Located 60 kilometers from Jakarta, in Serang, West Java, the Spinning Mill produces 100% combed cotton with a production capacity of 65,000 spindles and yarn counts ranging from Ne20's - 60's.

International Market

Harindotama Mandiri since its beginnings as a small finished-garments division has lived up to Budi Muaratex's vision of a fully integrated textile manufacturing and marketing company. The company has proven abilities to market original brands in COuntry Fiesta and basic Element which gaining a tremendous acceptance in Indonesia quickly entered export markets. The success of these two brands has contributed to heightened awareness of a new economic and creative force in Asia for a global market.

Today, Harindotama Mandiri creates quality products under several licensed international brands for Indonesia and increasingly abroad. We merchandise and offer professional insights on producing quality garmentss to a wide audence and give helpful advice on sales and marketing strategies for buyers and apparel makers.

This reputation for value, quality and professional expertise has attracted a diversified customer base and important segements of the Western European and Unites States markets. A fervent entrepreneurial spirit is also taking us to multiple destinations within Asia.

In all case, we have exercised a selectiveness in doing business. The reason for this is that our customers' trust is based on quality delivery. Our commitment means defining priorities. Because we mean to keep the relationship.